A Tale As Old As Time Returns

In recent years, Disney has seemingly taken up the project of remaking many of their classic animated hits into live-action films. The latest in this series, Beauty and the Beast, hit theaters last Friday, and I was in the audience on opening day. Admittedly, I have a bit of a biased view, given that this has long been my favorite Disney movie, but even I didn't expect the film to be as wonderful as it was. From filling in plot holes that have bothered fans for decades to rounding out the characters and their world, this remake beautifully balanced a devotion to the original and a desire to bring it into the modern world.

'La La Land' Is More Modern Than You Think

For the first time in decades, an original film musical is the darling of Hollywood critics and awards season. Damien Chazelle's La La Land, with a score by Justin Hurwitz and Broadway duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, is a well-crafted musical in the vein of the MGM musicals of old: a showbiz tale mixed with a love story. For a wide array of reasons, however, there has been a fair amount of criticism leveled at the film since its release. While it's certainly worth considering the relative social importance of La La Land when set against groundbreaking, equally well-crafted tales like Moonlight and Hidden Figures, it's also worth looking at La La Land in the context of the genre it joins and that musical language. When viewed through this lens, it becomes apparent that La La Land isn't just an old-school musical: it's a reinterpretation that pays homage to classic style and tropes while simultaneously calling them into question in the modern world.

On Theatre, Creating Art, and a Changing World

The day after the election, a friend of mine - a fellow artist - posted on Facebook a list of adjectives describing the art they would no longer consider acceptable. Among those adjectives were "cool," "cutting-edge," and others, but the one that bothered me was "beautiful." I saw similar sentiments repeated across my social media as much of my extended community cycled through fear, anger, confusion, and even rebellion. "Beauty," it seemed, was no longer something to strive for, no longer something worthy. As 2017 kicks off and the prospect of immense change looms, it's time to have a discussion about the role of art and its creators going forward.

Making Your Home Merry and Bright For the Holidays

For many of us, it doesn't really feel like the holidays until we've put up our decorations. As much as we all love the classics - a tree, a wreath or two, and some lights - it can get easy to get stuck in a decor rut. Perhaps you're tired of the same old ideas, or perhaps you live in a small space that doesn't fit a big tree. Whatever the case, here are some ways to add holiday cheer to your space!

'Gilmore Girls' Revival: Life, Love, and Legacy

While the rest of the country was stalking Amazon for lightning deals and braving the crowds at malls, I spent my Black Friday in a place that has brought me joy since I was in middle school: with the Gilmore Girls. After nearly a decade, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino brings us back to Stars Hollow for a highly-anticipated revival miniseries. After marathoning six hours of rapid-fire dialogue, fraught familial relationships, and endless return appearances, I've finally begun to process the new episodes and what they mean for our favorite girls and for a fanbase that came of age alongside them. Spoilers abound ahead, so proceed with caution!

Lights Up: Broadway's New Season Is Bigger Than Ever

Although the 2016/2017 Broadway season has only just begun, it's already shaping up to be one of the most interesting (and crowded) seasons in recent memory. Thirteen new musicals have already been announced, ranging from long-anticipated adaptations to tales ripped from history to wholly original stories. And that's not even counting the revivals. Let's break down some of the most exciting musicals headed to Broadway this season.

Review: NBC's 'Timeless' Is A Timely Take On History

Time travel seems to be all the rage on TV these days. Half of The CW's superhero lineup (The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow) involve leaping around in time as crucial plot points, and the other parts of this extended universe are affected by The Flash's timeline-creating "Flashpoint" shenanigans. 12 Monkeys remakes a classic time-travel TV series, while BBC's Doctor Who continues its 53 years of traveling through space and time. Into this crowded milieu comes NBC's new series Timeless, a surprisingly thoughtful and enjoyable drama with an attention to history that delights as much as its characters intrigue.