4 Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool and Chic

5:14 PM Amanda Prahl 0 Comments

Let's be honest for a minute. As much as summer is idealized for fashion and beauty trends, it's actually kind of a pain. Especially if you're like me and have long, thick hair. Over the summer break, it was fine to just throw it back into a messy ponytail, but now I'm back to work, where I need to look put-together and professional in classrooms and offices with temperature controls that are sketchy at best.
I'm no beauty guru, though, and that's why it was time to phone a friend. With the help of stylist Megan Jones (find her on Twitter at @MegnAshleigh and Instagram at @megsdoeshair), we found a handful of styles that look stylish, keep you cool, and are easy enough to replicate.

The Fishtail Braid

Okay, so many of you probably already know how to do this one. But I certainly didn't, my braiding knowledge being limited to a sloppy braid down my back when I go to the ice rink. It's a fairly simple process, and looks even better done as a slight side braid.

Divide your hair into two even sections. Take a small piece of hair from the outer edge of one piece and cross it over to be part of the other section. Repeat on the other side, and continue down the braid, making sure to always take pieces from the outside of each section. Secure the end with an elastic, and that's it! If you want to make it a little more boho, gently tug at the twisted sections to loosen them slightly.

French Twists with Tucked Pony

This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, I promise! It's basically done in three parts: two little twists (one from each side of your head) and then a tucked ponytail. 

We separated my hair into three sections: one larger one, and a small one on each side. Take one of the smaller pieces into two sections, and begin crossing them over each other, as if you were braiding but with just two strands instead of three. Secure it with a small elastic, and repeat with the other small section.

Take one of the little twists and wrap it across the back of your head, using bobby pins (preferably ones that match the color of your hair) to secure it in a couple of places. Repeat with the other side, creating a double "crown" twist across the back of your head. Tuck the ends with pins to cover the elastics as well as you can.

With the rest of your hair, pull it into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic a bit lower than you normally would. Then, create an opening in the top portion, above the elastic, pulling the hair apart into two sections to make a gap. Take the bottom portion of the ponytail and wrap it over (not under) the elastic and pull it through the gap. Adjust the elastic as needed.

Three Braid Crown

This is actually my favorite of the looks, although it's also the one that takes the most time and practice to get right by myself! It's exactly what it sounds like: three braids, alternately wrapped and pinned around the back of the head in pieces. 

To start, separate your hair into three sections, braid each one, and secure with an elastic. For the next part, it would be helpful to have a second mirror propped up somewhere to allow you to see the back of your head. Begin arranging the braids around each other on the back of your head and pin them in place as you go. This part is the trickiest but also the most creative- you can pin them in any arrangement you like! Again, try to use bobby pins that match your hair color, but you can also try to arrange the braids to cover each other's pins and elastics. Tuck the non-braided ends of each piece under and pin them in place to finish.

Braided Bun

I always have trouble with buns, particularly because I have a long commute and they tend to get squished flat against the seat while I'm driving. This style is sturdy enough to hold up against a long commute and multiple walks around campus in 100-plus temperatures, but pretty enough that one of my colleagues told me my hair looked like a princess :)

We started with a basic, slightly loosened braid. Then, using pins to secure along the way, wrap it around and around to form the bun shape. Tuck the ends under and use a pin or two to secure it out of the way. And that's all! The picture above is how it looked when styled by Megan; the picture below is my own recreation of the style: not quite as polished, but sure to improve with a little practice!

These four styles will help you change it up from messy buns and basic ponytails, looking like a ton of effort without actually working too hard! Thanks again to Megan for the fantastic styles!